Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just a walk in the park...and what do I see?

Turtles enjoying the sunshine! It looks like a lot of work to get themselves up on the log. But I guess if you are trying to move your whole house, it would be a struggle!

Just one of many of these cuties! Wouldn't you just love to put this soft little cuties up to your cheek?

Mom and babies. Dad was over to the right and just ignoring everyone. But I bet if there was a threat he would come along fast!

Babies learning to feed!

Wild honeysuckle

Male and Female cardinal. I think cardinals made this park their own as there were many of them singing away.

I see you! The deer are actually not too leary of people here. They just slowly walk away.

Like this little lady. She knows how pretty she is.

I don't know who was more interesting in watching who. Me or her.

Pretty girl

She hears more people coming.

I am not sure what these are. Pretty though.

Parts of the trails are boardwalks, bridges and gravel.

More pretty flowers.

I should have check the tag to see what evergreen this is. I love the cones.

I hope you enjoyed the trip throught the park. I just love the parks and nature centers. All so different and new things to see each time I go there. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Awww. Loved walking with you.
    Ten ducklings is a big brood. What talented (and hardworking) parents.

  2. Lovely photos my friend. The deer pictures are fantastic.
    Hugs to you,

  3. I had to pop in b/c I noticed you are in WI, me too! Nice photos, I enjoyed your walk.

    1. Thank you. As you know Wisconsin is full of surprises. Especially in the weather dept. You never know what we'll have, especially in the spring. I am so glad that you popped in.

  4. Hi,
    Fun photos. I love the ducklings.
    xx oo

    1. Aren't they sweet! I am so glad you like the photos!

  5. Lovely walk in the park including those handsome Cardinals. Love them. The deer - Bambi I can do without because of all the damage they cause here. They are handsome when you can look at them but don't have to live with them. :-) Of course, I feel the same way about Chipmunks and Squirrels who eat all my tulips and strawberries. :-)

  6. I know! I love the deer. But then I don't have to worry about them in my gardens. We do have a lot of chipmunks and squirrels though.
    I love this park and it is only about 2 or so miles from my house.

  7. What a great park to visit and see so much nature. You take great photos with your camera. I'm so glad I have one now! I'm still learning! Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane