Monday, May 25, 2015

Well the material is bought! Now...

 Let's start by saying that in October we will be blessed by a new little boy in our family. My niece Helen just found out that it will be a boy. Of course we have know about her being pregnant for awhile, but just found out the sex. Time is going so fast that October will be here before we know it. YIKES!  I bought the material for a baby quilt today. I haven't made many quilts (4 small ones) so I need to get started. O.K. you guys who quilt...I am not the fastest quilter. This will not be fancy. But it will be made with love. I did stay away from making it completely boyish as you never know. Sometimes (as good as ultra-sounds are) there could be a surprise. Not likely...but. Now to get the courage to cut into the material. Nail biting going on. That is the hardest part for me. O.K. here is the material I picked out:

I think it is so cute. I saw another one that I liked also, but it was very boyish. No way to make it unisex. This one is going to be so much brighter though. From what I heard it is good for babies. Don't know if that is true or not.

I am so glad that I got out into nature on Saturday as it rained a lot on Sunday and off and on today. I am so mixed up on the day of the week now after having a 3 day weekend.
I know how lucky I am though as so much of our country is having tornados and flooding. Please say a prayer for all the people who are going through the awful weather. I can't imagine it!!! Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another Nature walk (well drive)

The Sentry!
Follow me little one
Aren't they cute??
Feeding time for the pelican and ducks
Canvas Back
There were a lot of redwing blackbirds all over the marsh. They were really singing! 
Hey what do you see over there?
They were very interested in something! I was surprised to see them together. This is probably my favorite shot of the day.
I love this marsh. But soon the grasses, etc will be too high to see over.
The ditches were full of water. After the rain we received today I think they will be over the banks.

Here is another shot of The Mack Marsh
I like to go there. I never know what I will see. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes it is full of birds. It is only about 45 minutes from my house. So it is doable if I don't have the time to go anywhere else. It is just nice to get near water. I hope you enjoyed the little trip I took yesterday. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just a walk in the park...and what do I see?

Turtles enjoying the sunshine! It looks like a lot of work to get themselves up on the log. But I guess if you are trying to move your whole house, it would be a struggle!

Just one of many of these cuties! Wouldn't you just love to put this soft little cuties up to your cheek?

Mom and babies. Dad was over to the right and just ignoring everyone. But I bet if there was a threat he would come along fast!

Babies learning to feed!

Wild honeysuckle

Male and Female cardinal. I think cardinals made this park their own as there were many of them singing away.

I see you! The deer are actually not too leary of people here. They just slowly walk away.

Like this little lady. She knows how pretty she is.

I don't know who was more interesting in watching who. Me or her.

Pretty girl

She hears more people coming.

I am not sure what these are. Pretty though.

Parts of the trails are boardwalks, bridges and gravel.

More pretty flowers.

I should have check the tag to see what evergreen this is. I love the cones.

I hope you enjoyed the trip throught the park. I just love the parks and nature centers. All so different and new things to see each time I go there. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our yard is waking up!

This is a shot of how our beds are laid out. I wish there was a way of getting everything in one shot. But the beds are very deep and these aren't the only two. There are also beds on each end and another bed on the south side of the house. We have a 3 season room so that one is cut off from these. That one needs a lot of work so it won't be shown at this time. :)
This is probably my favorite shot of the yard that I took the other day. Maybe I will crop the shadows off yet though.
In this one you can see the veggie garden. That will be planted in a couple of weeks when the temperatures stay steady. Going from 80 degrees down to 30 degrees isn't good for veggies. Of course we just couldn't leave well enough a lone and there are daylillies planted all around the veggie garden.
This is the front of our house. I have to use the pano setting on my phone to get it all in. The street Is really straight. Not curbed like it looks like in this picture. I really should have used my camera, but not bad at all for a phone picture.
These two were just terrible about sitting still. But this is the only one that I was able to get where they were sitting together. Brats! I swear they had jumping beans in their butts!
I hope you enjoyed seeing what our yard looks like. In about a month there will be mega color in our yard! Especially when the 70+ daylilies are in bloom. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just in time...COLOR!

Jeffersonian Twin Leaf. This is the first year that it has bloomed. I was surprised on how big the flower was. It only lasted a day, but it was sp pretty. Look at the leaves. Twins.
Prairie smoke. I love this little plant! We need to devide this one as the middle is dying out.
This one is fun! Acracona Norway Spruce. I love the pink cones! They don't stay pink for long though. But they actually glow in the sunlight. A real eye catcher from the house.
Merrybells. A native plant. The bees love it. Another early plant.
Old fashioned bleedingheart.
Gold leaf bleedingheart. I love the contrast between the gold leaves and pink flowers. Thisa plant is now about 3 feet tall x3 feet wide.
Our white flowering bleedingheart is always a week or so behind the pink flowering ones.
Couchion spurge. Another glow in the sunlight plant. We thought we had lost it, but apparently some seed laid dormant and a couple more came up. Not where we wanted them. But that didn't take much to move them.
Creeping Jacobs Ladder. The flowers are actually a deeper blue.
And of course, what is a spring garden without daffodils?
Now this guy really surprised me! Hummingbird moth. I don't think that I have ever seen one here so early. Usually they are zipping around, so I am so glad that he decided to pose for me!
It was so nice to go to a greenhouse today. We picked up some of the annual plants which we will plant in pots.
Coleous, We bought big and small. The smaller ones are so cute!  It was so hard to decide on the plants we wanted as they come in such beautiful colors. Dahlias, the colors just amaze me! A popcorn plant. It is suppose to smell like popcorn. Just interesting. Last but not least. A black sweet potatoe vine.
We also picked up about 13 Heirloom tomatoes and some bell pepper plants. And one parsley plant for the swallowtail butterflies.
All and all it was a colorful kind of day! Hugs, Teresa

Monday, May 4, 2015

Moon shots

The moon was Huge last night! Just some shots I took. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May is starting out good

The hearts are starting to form on the bleedinghearts, This one is gold leaf
Buds are forming on the tree peonies
Daffadils are in bloom!
The bright pink cones are forming on the Acacronia
Praire smoke is in bloom
As is the Merry Bells.
I love seeing the plants coming up and getting ready for a show! Hugs, Teresa