Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am collecting childrens books to donate to a program this fall. My question is what books are popular for kids ages 5-10 or so? I don't have any nieces or nephews of that age to ask. I have bought many baby type story books at the dollat tree. But they don't carry many older kid's books. Any ideas of places that would carry books at a discount. Not trying to be cheap. but I would like to be able to donate many books. They have to be brand new.
I think I am getting some energy back after my mom's passing away. Starting to get interested in doing things again. This last two years has taken a lot out of me. lNot that I would ever regret the last two years of taking care of mom (with help from my siblings). But it was draining. I still think of things to tell her, or I take a picture and think, I have to show mom. Not possible. Guess this is normal and it has only been almost two months.
It is gorgeous outside today! 60's. It smells like spring out there. The plants are starting to emerge. It is so nice to go out each day and see the changes!
Well I had better think about getting ready for work. Thank you in advance for any information on the books. Hugs Teresa
 SOON!  But we are seeing some green now!