Sunday, January 17, 2016


Sometimes death can be good. My mom passed away on saturday. After a 25 month fight with cancer. She lasted far longer then they said she would, even without the chemo that she couldn't tolerate. She had one session of it. Mom had to be the strongest person I know. Even with us siblings going home and crying she stayed strong. In all those months I had never seen her cry. It was all God.s will on how long she lived and how bad the cancer affected her. It was only in the last couple of weeks that she asked us to pray that God takes her soon. Even earlier in the week she mentioned watchiing a movie this weekend. Then friday came and she crashed. She got fluid in her lungs. We were told not to expect her to last the weekend. She was gone by the next morning. I had told her the night before that she doesn't have to be strong anymore. She can go now and see dad again. I am sure that my words wasn't the reason that she passed away that night, but I am sure that they didn't hurt. We do have to thank all of her caregivers (hospice and others) because without them I don't know what we would have done. Peace of mind was so great. Knowing that they were there to watch for things that we didn't know about. Being there to act as a go between with the drs and others. As a family we were there every day. Each taking our turn.
I hope that you and dad are catching up and that you are happy in your new and healthy body mom. I bet you were happy to leave the diseased one behind. Love you mom.