Thursday, June 4, 2015

More May pretties

After a slow start our tree peonies did well. I love the purple of this one!
This is one of our newest ones. The red center really plays off the yellow. There is another yellow one out there that is in the $$$ range and I think this one is just as pretty.

Now these should all be red and white, but we do get some all red ones.
The only name I know for this one is bottle brush plant. It is so nice to have a different shaped flower.
Avens   It took me awhile to get the name for this one. I love to have different kinds of flower shapes in the beds. Just a little more interesting.
Solomon's seal.  Very early flowering plant. But I will have to keep an eye on it as it seems to be spreading a bit too much.
Our Giant Jack In The Pulpet really took off now. Not all over the bed, just came up in a nice big clump. I will have to get a better picture where you can actually see Jack in his pulpet. The colors are very pretty. I must have a picture on my phone. I haven't downloaded those yet. So this is just a tease.
There is a funny story about these guys. I love going to a marsh near here. These geese/goslings were standing near the road. I didn't want to scare them so I drove on the other side of the road. Just creeping along. All of a sudden one of the geese flew up over my hood and banked in front of my windshield. All I could see was goose belly and legs! I stopped and 3 more goslings ran across the road in front of my car. Once they were across and safely in the grass I drove forward again. At a crawl. All of a sudden here comes the goose again. Same thing. Never thought I would have a close-up of a goose bottom and legs. That really makes your heart pound!!! I guess he just had to make sure I knew that he was serious!  I have seen some people fly up that road. I am surprise that I haven't seen any dead birds yet. This goose probably was P.O'd at those drivers and finally found someone he could "attack".  I was there one day and someone in a huge truck was following right behind a goose walking (more like running) down the side of the road. Right on his tail. Of course he thought he was really funny. I won't mention the name I had for him! %$^&#* 
I also won't mention the stressful week I had at work. Let's just say that some people can away with more then others. To me my job is more then just a paycheck. I guess I am just too serious.  Oh well the week is almost over with.
Hugs, Teresa


  1. Love your flowers. And wish you had your camera to capture the goose butt.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. What a story about that goose! Sorry about your difficult week, seems like there are just nasty people everywhere.
    Hugs to you,

  3. I'm sorry you had a tough week, too. Sounds like you have a good attitude and are a valuable employee. Love the flowers. They are so ruffled!

  4. I'm sorry you've had a challenging week. I can sooo relate. Life can be tough sometimes, huh?

    I love the flowers. Because of all the rain in OK our flowers are blooming and bright. Usually by June they are beginning to wilt. I'm enjoying them so much.

    Thank you for visiting me...means so much. I'm beyond sorry about your Mom. Big ((Hugs))...


  5. Sending a HUG regarding the week. I can relate as well.
    xx oo
    I love your story. :-)
    Your photos are just amazing.
    Have a blessed weekend!


  6. Beautiful flower photos and a funny story. What a way to end a day!

  7. Wow, I've never been that close to a goose! Nice photo. That yellow peony is beautiful. Is the bottle brush a liatris? I have some of that in my garden and love that different shape too.

  8. That was amazing- I bet that goose was protecting the babies. One time we were in the harbor and we saw a goose hold a seagull's head under water until it drowned. The seagull was trying to eat its baby (which I never knew they would do-but apparently they do). It was an awful sight..but the seagulls left them alone for several days after that.

    Your flowers are gorgeous and thanks for the comment(s) on my blog. Thanks, Teresa. xo Diana